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This 8 hour course will teach you all the required skills needed when designing and developing a live WordPress website, including using the advanced options of HTML and CSS.


Join Us & Grow your Channel, Blog or Online Business & Earn from Home!!! It's our vision to provide Free solutions related to YouTube queries and also for any Social media platforms. Secondly, we also provide Free Digital Marketing & Web Development assistance & support. And provide Services at a very nominal cost to Indian Youtubers only. Free special Guidance & Assistance and support for Online Earnings from Home

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Youtube Channel Optimization

We'll guide you how to Optimize your Youtube Channel, Monetize it, and earn from your Videos.

Work from Home & Earn Money

We'll guide you the Genuine ways of How to earn Money from your Home and make passive income!!!

How to Grow Subscribers?

Worried about, How to Grow Subscribers on your Youtube Channel. We'll help you & provide assistance!!

Video Editing Techniques

Want to know which are the best techniques of Video Editing, or learn from us, we'll guide you.

Affiliate Marketing

Want to know what is Affiliate Marketing, how it can be utilized as a earning source with your Youtube Channel or from any Platforms.


What is Blogging, how to select a profitable Niche, How to earn from Blogging, what are the re-requisites of Blogging? We'll guide!!!

Domain Name & Hosting

Worried about the selection of right domain name & hosting. Do not worry We are always here to assist you.

Video Optimization Tools

Are you confused about to select the best Tools & Software's for Video Optimization


What is Freelancing? How can a Individual or Youtuber or Blogger can earn by Freelancing? The solution is with us.


What is Dropshipping? How can any Individual or Youtuber or Blogger can earn from Dropshipping? The answer is with us.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

What is SEO? Why SEO is necessary to Rank your Website in Google Search? Why SEO is important?

Social Media Optimization & Marketing

Want to make a strong presence on Social Media, or how to do paid Marketing?

Content Writing

Interested in our Content Writing Services, we provide it at a very Competitive Service for any Niche.

Content Marketing

Without Content Marketing the Content is useless. Know from us how to do Content Marketing.

Website Development

Want to create a strong presence of your Brand or Business? Promote your Brand with the help of your website.

Studio Tools

Videopreneurs, want to create a Studio for your Video Production & not aware of the tools required for the Studio?

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Mr. Rajesh Annamalai AL is a very good listener & understand the need of customer. He had given me some suggestions to grow my channel which is very logical. I have taken actions accordingly. I am hopeful that I shall be getting result.I wish all the best to YSI

I think it’s a unique initiative Mr Rajesh and team have taken to create a society for all the youtubers in specific and for the people who want to generate passive income in general.. it’s really going to help the you tube community for sure.. I really love the content of this website.

A Society is must to survive On YouTube.

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